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With Full Force

With Full Force 2013
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With Full Force 2012

29th June 2012-1st July

With Full Force 2012 Reviews

" Amazing Sweaty Loud"
What started with a hot arrival ended in a flood...

Even when you are actually already in the village, where WWF takes place,btw: it's called Roitzschjora, there are no signs of people even looking close to listening to metal.

After, mostly accidently, finding a lane that is supposed to lead there, you end up stuck near a corn field.

Trying another one, you start getting a feeling that this could be better- more people,more/for the first time people with black clothes,piercings and tattoos. So there you are, watching the habitants of the hundreds of tents and tent-ish creations. Anticipation grabs you by the hand and leads you into the spirit of the festival.It was my first festival ever and as a girl of 16,lacking tattoos,piercings or even any black clothes at all,I started to feel anxious in my all too vivid hawaii-flower shorts.

I shouldn't have worried: although you get some wierd looks (which wasn't even really the case), when you stand in the crowd and mosh as much as the huge,long-haired fellow next to you, you are, and strongly feel, completely accepted.

Also totally astonishing was the great kindness of all these, admittedly pretty scary-looking guys.I can't compare to other Festivals, but I'm hooked on those metalers-when you fall, they pick you up, even if you just look slightly crushed/jammed/squeezed, they offer their help.Though there is aggression everywhere, in the songs, the dancing, there is only friendliness for each other in the end. That's the Force spirit.

As I'm starting to feel really soft, I'm going to describe the festival in general as not to bore you so much with senti-me(n)tal tales:

There were some highlights, some that were expected, for example the acts of Heaven shall burn or Machine Head, some that were thougt to be, but weren't for me (no offense, but I didn't enjoy Trivium much), and some unexpected, really great personal highlights: When leaving the mainstage with Trivium, there was Flogging Molly on the tent-stage and this Irish stuff turned out to be really great,it's a very fond memory, so much fun with so many people, trying to dance like the Irish plus our own metal style.

And Heaven shall burn also not only appeared as the name of a grand band or a metaphora, it kinda happened. Right there...at Full Force.

Everybody is sweating in the crowd, although it is already late and getting cold, but the sun is setting golden-red behind the main-stage.We go wild,loud,unrestrained.

With all the sweat around, it took me a while to notice the actual rain from the sky, but it came harder and felt like salvation in the upheated thong.The rain,the music,the feeling of affilition was one of the greatest moments at the festival.And the heaven,or at least the sky, was burning.

Only one event was not enjoyable, but it could not have been foreseen or prevented: A big storm came up and people gut stuck by a lightning that hit, as I saw it, into the huge 1B pole near us.

But fortunatly, as the organizers announced, no one will suffer from permanent damage.

The With Full Force is no big mainstream festival, you,literally, have to stand right in front of it, to really make it out.

Experiencing its unique spirit is a thing I would and will do anytime again. So, see you next year for the 20th anniversary,fellas.
by Maria Diederich
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With Full Force, Festival Address:
Airport Roitzschjora, L?bnitz

 With Full Force 2012
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The Party is Over!

It was a fantastic journey, matching you with music festivals, but it just wasn't meant to be.
The site's still up, so you can nosey around old festival line-ups, but most the party animals have left. Choosefest rests in my project archives