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Mint Festival

– Mint Festival 2012
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Mint Festival 2012

28th September 2012

Mint Festival 2012 Reviews

" Messy Mesy Messy"
Saturday morning and the weather is beautiful after 2 weeks of none stop rain, got in to leeds city centre for about 3pm and struggeled to find the bus pick up point. when we found the pick up point the que was not very long and the organisers seemed in control. took about 25-20 minutes on the bus to get to the festival site. quick to get through not many searches or sniffer dogs :). when inthe festival went to the bar but found out that you had to buy drinks tokens (robbing ****ers) as you had to buy ?10 at a time. spent the whole day in the Flux and System tent. Finished at about 12:30 1:00 and it was a nightmare to get out not enough taxis not enough buses and power tripping security gaurds whom had only been on a 3 day course but thought they were the Gustapo in orange. managed to get home in the end took about 3 hours. Apart from that probably one of the best weekends in the country ive had this year on a par with parklife and creamfields. I predict big things for this festival!
by Keggen
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Mint Festival, Festival Address:
Lotherton Hall, Leeds

 Mint Festival 2012
Bye for now

The Party is Over!

It was a fantastic journey, matching you with music festivals, but it just wasn't meant to be.
The site's still up, so you can nosey around old festival line-ups, but most the party animals have left. Choosefest rests in my project archives