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Festival Organisers - Claim Your Festival

Note: This page is intended for festival organisers only, if you are not a festival organiser (or a representitive of) then please Click here.

Festival organisers!

Welcome to Choose Fest, you may have seen your festival on our website or heard about us through the press, we are a new start-up project by StormGate and we are here to better match people to festivals, something which should benefit everyone in the industry (as well as festival goers!) We are only a few months old and just getting started, but we intend to revelutionise how people interact with festivals online. If you stick around you can join our movement.

To the right you can request to join our Organisers List and claim ownership of your festival on ChooseFest. We recommend your PR/Marketing person/department or main organiser signs up here. All festival organisers will be verified so be prepared to prove your ownership.

Some reasons why you should get control of your festival on ChooseFest:

  • Update Your Festival Personally
  • Control how your festival appears
  • Use ChooseFest to drive more ticket sales
  • Get first access to our new tools for organisers

Bye for now

The Party is Over!

It was a fantastic journey, matching you with music festivals, but it just wasn't meant to be.
The site's still up, so you can nosey around old festival line-ups, but most the party animals have left. Choosefest rests in my project archives