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About Us

We are just getting started...

CHOOSEFEST is the new kid on the block, we are a 2012 start-up and we are focused on you, helping you out, kinda like a guru or a butler, but with the accuracy of a ninja. If this sounds like a combination you find interesting then stick around, we aim to PLEASE.

We are all about the festivals...

Aren't festivals great? The occasional blistering sunbeam, the rocking music, the mud? Tents, barbeques, beers, old friends, new friends, the journey; it makes our year. What doesn't make our year is spending hours of time sitting on the laptop at home, working out which is the hottest festival to hit if only it was easy to know which has the most of our favourite bands, which matches our budget and our mate's budget too, which is the best for newcomers, festival veterans or our group? This is where our whole butler-guru-ninja thing comes in. We will take your wants, needs and dislikes, stick them in a blender and produce a nicely whipped list, your "hot list" of festivals.

Your best bet: Stick around

While we finish ironing out all the bumps (we are new and developing every day!) take a look around, play with it, explore, find out what's cool and what's totally awful. You can give us feedback at any point using that "Feedback" tab on the left of your screen, your comments are really helping us to create the ultimate festival site for you, and at this point your input will not only be totally appreciated, you'll be contributing to something. Updates are going out hourly!

Bye for now

The Party is Over!

It was a fantastic journey, matching you with music festivals, but it just wasn't meant to be.
The site's still up, so you can nosey around old festival line-ups, but most the party animals have left. Choosefest rests in my project archives